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The RTE abstractions

For a country betting high on its demographic dividend, universal and compulsory education seemed like a reasonable way forward. The Gandhian idea of basic education broached at the Wardha conference can be said to have found a good expression (albeit with some tweaks) in the RTE enabled scheme of things. But in the wake of sustained debates, RTE is fast becoming a classic case of […]

Something on Public Policy

Somewhere around the beginning of 2014, a good friend and I decided to apply for a short-term course in public policy at a well known Indian policy think tank. Down through the ages, a traditional form has evolved for such applications: The applicant is to provide a personal understanding of the institute’s philosophy and then […]

A visit at Pratham

Sir, actually I read mostly from the guide books… Neeraj Publication or Ramesh Publication and means abhi to mujhe kuch learn nahi hai puraana… Yes I loved Wordsworth and Shakespeare…Bass wohi padne ka mann karta tha tab to…I have the books but sir… Yes Vivekananda ko Wordsworth ki Wanderer wali poem achchi lagi thi… I […]